Five Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

There are many things in life a woman needs and then there are some things that a woman really needs. Shoes obviously fit in somewhere in the top 10 of that list.

Here are five pairs of shoes that every woman should own and maintain in her wardrobe.

The Black Pump

A well heeled black stiletto will go a long way in your wardrobe. You can combine it most everything in your closet right this instant and come out with a statement. It’s the little black dress of the shoe world.

The White Slide On

Perfect for lounging around the house in and not a problem to dash out of the house in for some casual shopping. Comfort is the factor here so make sure you choose one that will hug your feet all day long.

The Running Sneaker

Fitness is something everyone should pay at least a little bit of attention too. If you have a pair of running sneakers you will inadvertently think about it a bit more. So go ahead have a pair, or two, and you will find yourself looking forward to putting them to good use!

The Beach Sandal

You never know when the time comes for you to head to the beach so you best be prepared for it! At all times! Something flat and comfy should do fine and serve your long beach wonderfully. Provided that you do have a beach nearby. If you don’t there’s always the community swimming pool, right?

Your Wild Side

Let’s face it, everyone has a wild streak in them. Having a pair of shoes that you might probably never wear, or wear too often, is an indulgence every woman should make and have space for in their closet. After all you never know when the opportunity might arise!

  • Nov 1st, 10
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